Meet The Founders


Andre Chow

Age: 39  Born in Miami, FL raised in Jamaica.

Andre was born in Miami, FL but grew up in Jamaica, which is where he was introduced to the sport of tennis at the age of nine. His competitive nature helped him quickly build a passion for the sport. At just 19, he began coaching, with his eyes set on developing a number one player! In 2005 CTA was established as a joint sibling venture. Still, at the Crossings, and still with some of its original players, a team lovingly dubbed “Da Future” Andre continues to strive to develop, exceptional and well-rounded tennis players.


Kevin Chow

Age: 43  Born in Miami, FL raised in Jamaica.

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“The Chow brothers have their act together, they work very hard days and nights for countless hours per week in some of the most brutal yet sought after conditions for tennis. They come to the courts every morning with their “game face” on along with a purposeful willingness that Tennis players worldwide can use as a constant example to learn from. They push and pull you in many directions aimed at helping you hit your potential. They can easily pinpoint you and your tendencies out of a group of several and help you correct faults – even on your “iffy/off” days. They listen to your concerns and frustrations – then provide actionable information and a way to help. They’ll take your call before a tournament even if the day before they scolded you for eating KitKat’s during a water break. They are in many more ways the Best Tennis Coaches in Miami.”

Anonymous Tennis Parent

Meet Our Team

Jason Huggins

Also known as the Candyman, Jason started playing when he was 11 and has been coaching for 20 years. Loves to cook and play dominoes. Jason would love to see all players working with him become not only great tennis players but more importantly great human beings.

“Control and consistency will outdo power and placement any day”

Brian “Ferdy” Yap Sam

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Federico Diaz de Leon

Born and raised in Venezuela, Federico started playing tennis since he was 6 years old and has never stopped. Federico has been coaching for 5 years and claims “It is the best job ever, I love making the kids better players and watching them progress puts a smile on my face.” Federico makes a daily strive to make others feel great and to always help friends. In his spare time, Federico likes to sing, skateboard, and play soccer.

“Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you make look back and realize they were the big things”

Wilson Usina

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``Firm and tedious but effective``

At first I questioned the variety of Andre’s coaching methods and tactics as my child was being pushed outside their comfort zone; then slowly but surely I began to understand what Andre was trying to do – along with the obvious positive changes and awesome results speaking for themselves.

Chris M.

34, G12 Tennis Parent

``He's a mentor to me``

Kevin has always been a mentor to me.  He’s helped so many people in different ways on and off the court; including me.  From the very beginning of CTA, he’s been a leader and source of knowledge.  Kevin’s been a key reason that makes the difference with many Chow Tennis Academy players today.

Andre Chow

37, Founder & Brother

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