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The CTA Difference in High Performance

As a foundation for our High-Performance, Competitive and Tournament training programs: we make it a point to truly relate to each player from the start. We value and focus on effective dialogue to better find out who they are, what they want at that moment or season and how to positively influence them to be better people both as problem-solvers and as athletes. We’re constantly helping to trigger the hungry and motivated player inside each athlete to accomplish their own goals.

We help players get what they want out of tennis

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Many incoming players have transitioned into our High-Performance classes and groups from our introductory/intermediate groups having engrained many of the ABC’s, principals of tennis specific movement, have competed locally, and have gotten a great taste of higher intensity tennis.

Our mixing/matching and level based match play works on a players abilities, past results and gives them a better idea of UTR and USTA ratings and rankings work as it relates to them.

Whether it’s our weekly Homeschool or HP Academy program in the mornings, Bi-weekly High-Performance afternoons or a mix, our staff and facility has made a way for all types of athletes and schedules to thrive and grow throughout the year.

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    Advantages to Choosing CTA

    • The Best Coaching Staff
    • Game Style Identification
    • Strategy, Tactics, Shot Selection and Pattern Development
    • Movement and Mechanics Specific Training
    • Physical Fitness and Conditioning Regimen
    • Mentorship and Mental Approach Training
    • Level Based UTR Match Play w On-Court/In-Ear Coaching

    To say you are a High-Performance Tennis Player is to imply you would welcome a healthy, ultra hungry and competitive atmosphere that in South Florida, is considered unmatched.

    This kind of constant ‘tension’, that for some athletes can healthily push them outside their comfort zone, is why some of our players are not only stellar academics; but are routinely competing at the highest levels in not only South Florida but in sectionals, nationals, college, and ITF as well.

    Planning for the Future

    Our planning is based on improving any and every improvable aspect of a player’s “game”.  Planning and our “Family First” approach is what supports our players in every aspect so they can ultimately reach for their full potential.

    We have a true “Full-Time Academy” in Miami that provides a rigorous climate specific “Complete” training all under the Florida sunshine. We have helped many players secure college placement and we have provided more player scholarships and assistance than we can count. We are here to stay and help our youth grow to be the best they can be.

    “Many integral parts make up the High Performance tennis player and our training sessions over time help players create better habits and problem solving skills for ‘today’s challenges’ both on and off the court.”

    Fitness Training

    Fitness is a big priority at CTA with Miami’s harsh climates and frequent surprises, we train players to take their training serious and to be seriously fit if they plan on contending tournaments and consistently reaching the final rounds.

    Our fitness staff understands rest and recovery ratio’s, can keep track of the different ages in any given practice and many of our instructors have repeated success helping youth understand their muscles, movements, and technique involved in building and maintaining the fitness required to play high-level tennis and maintain great health.

    Character Development

    We’re in this to develop great childhood’s with great potential.  We build children up and use Tennis as a way of doing that. We believe great players come from great families and that’s been the key since the beginning.

    We get to know all the “faces” involved and are dedicated to meeting the individual needs of each player as they mature. Both our morning and afternoon High-Performance programs provide ideal environments with a variety of challenges that are selected by CTA staff to create an exceptional player coaching/education model.

    Our High-Performance program is a full tennis training, and student athlete development effort that has 12+ years in the making.

    Our family oriented High-Performance Program takes into account the intricate details and aspects of a  student athlete’s tennis, fitness, and academic goals, tendencies and results.

    The High-Performance program is under the direction of Kevin and Andre Chow and allows the dedicated player who knows what they want to take full advantage and explore their potential.

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