June 5-6, 2021 June Challenger

Level 7 Boys' & Girls' Singles AGES 12s and 14s

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The Tournament will be at Winston Park located at

8100 SW 132nd Ave

Miami, FL 33183  

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Getting Started

Before you get on court for your first Junior Tournament, you’ll want to complete a few easy steps:

Become A USTA Member

Create A USTA Account On Tennis-Link

Is my child ready for Tournaments?

“Ready” is a speculative term.

We prioritize bringing out the natural competitive spirit in a player to put their best effort and enjoy the sport as a journey.

In most cases with CTA Players – when they can serve, rally and keep score – they can try competing in USTA Tournaments.

As far as general rules go – a player interested in playing official USTA tournaments must be a minimum age of 7 years old.

On the first day of their 11th birthday month, they will automatically progress out of the “Youth Progression Pathway” regardless of results. Once out of the “Progression Pathway” they can register for a “12 and under 12u” commonly shown as “12s” or “12d” on Tennislink – which depending on the level and age may earn the player official USTA Ranking points.

< – – more about the Youth Progression Pathway – – > 

Did you know that Chow Tennis Academy organizes UTR Match Play and similar “mini-tournaments”?

Did you know that a player younger than 7 could gain match play and tournament play experience similar or better than an official USTA Tournament? [L9-Nationals].

To keep things clear; we use the “data behind the data”, consolidating years of experience, current USTA Ranking / Standings, along with UTR’s algorithmic “level-based play” data to provide the ultimate player-tailored events and practice itineraries.

We make it possible for EVERY child to be able to play tennis in high school, college, and beyond – if they want to.

We have a history of CTA Players that enjoyed their Tennis and took their game as far as they wanted to go.

Advance your game by getting on the court, learning from the best and connecting with like minds.

Is your child looking to play in the BIG TOURNAMENTS?

Is your 11 year old+ dominating local Level 7 and Level 6 Tournaments?

It might be a great time to take on a Sectional or National level Tournament and really take their tennis to another level…

Each year USTA Florida holds a certain number of Sectionals and National Championships for the state’s top players in age divisions ranging from 10s through 18s.

These tournaments are easily distinguishable by their Level. Example: Sectionals are Levels 5 – Level 4. Nationals are Levels 3 – Level 1.

Find out more about how to become eligible to play in your state’s next Sectional or National Championship now!

Getting Ranked


Winning matches in Level 7 or stronger tournaments in the 12’s or older age groups is how to earn Ranking Points. Ranking points can also be earned from USTA Florida Section and for USTA Nationals match wins.

To find out more about each type of ranking visit the USTA Ranking resources page.

USTA typically publishes updated rankings on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month and when needed for Level 3, 4, & 5 selection

Know the rules before you play