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As more school districts struggle to conform their results, many children in early learning, elementary and upper learning literally ‘sit’ in a chair all day. 21st century students must be able to go long periods of time without a break both mentally and physically. This leads to more stress which can actually hinder better grades and test scores for many students.

The Solution:

CTA’s Afterschool Sports & Tennis Programs

Improves Attentiveness

Reduces Student Stress

Boosts Confidence

“Getting a good break from the early hours of the academic routine improves a students’ quality of life”

Playing sports like tennis and being a part of our after school program(s) challenges children to perform tough tasks while working on the life skills we want them to gain and use like staying focused while dealing with adversity.

CTA is constantly looking for ways to setup Win-Win scenarios where children can experience the rewards of sports – something that few things in life compare to.

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    Many children miss out on time to be kids and act like kids.

    We offer the After School Sports Program in Red Ball, Orange and Advanced “Green” formats.



    CTA’s After School Sports and Tennis gets kids having fun, exceeds many fitness recommendations, improves health, relieves stress and boosts self-confidence in children every day. That’s why offer the program 5 days a week and guarantee there’s a spot for you.

    For children of all ages

    • Gives Kids The Break They Need
    • Promotes Healthy Competition
    • Encourages Sportsmanship and Teamwork
    • Cultivates Meaningful Relationships
    • Teaches Children How to Manager ‘Nerves’ and Pressure