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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to join UTR

There is no cost to join UTR. > >   Join as part of our club now

Is there a cost for UTR Events?

Some events will have costs such as Tournaments and Extended Match Play events similar to costs of USTA Events but with much more flexibility in scheduling, format and timing. Other events will be completely FREE such as certain pre-announced CTA UTR Weekly Match Play Days.

Where do scores on come from

UTR takes in scores from a wide variety of sources – local and international organizations, colleges, and through UTR Powered Events. (including USTA and ITF)

I'm a parent of a minor or young child - how do we use UTR?

UTR is built around the player profile – the webpage that shows a player history, their picture, their preferences etc. These player profiles are claimed by a user who can customize and manage their player profile.

Each player requires their own account at, so a family with three tennis-loving kids would have at least three separate accounts utilizing three different email addresses for each child. This is especially important for players participating in UTR Events, as the player profile is what’s used to register them for their tournament.

How long does it take for my recent results to hit my profile?

It takes roughly 7 days for your recent results to show up on your player profile from the time the results are posted online. Here’s an example – you played on Saturday, the tournament director posts the results for your league online on Monday, you’ll see a change in your UTR on the following Monday or Tuesday. UTR Event results post to your profile immediately upon the tournament director entering them.

I think I accidently created (2) or duplicate accounts...what do I do?

Click here to send UTR a message and a member of their support team will work with you to get your profiles merged.

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